Affliction Warlock Weak Auras – Legion Edition v1.0

Download the Weak Auras on here (some of these auras do have sound effects attached to them, if you don’t want them navigate to the Actions tab and disable the sound effect):

Please note this is a HUGE import so your client may have some freezing/locking up – this is normal as it is importing the full WA package.
I would highly recommend using Cyous trinket tracker included in the collection as well since it offers tracking of all trinkets in Legion.

If you only want certain parts of the pack you can extract individual auras directly from the set right on, to help I’ve made a post about this as well it can be viewed here:

If you want to have my exact UI setup I’ve made a post about what addons are the most required and their respective profiles for you to import as well!

Finally just like always I’ll include the full list of auras included in this pack just in case you wanted to briefly scan through them all. Any changes or additions will be in bold lettering.

  • Mana Tap (Active/Missing/5s Warning for expiry – has sound effect)
  • Contagion (Talented)
  • Absolute Corruption (Talented)
  • Writhe in Agony (Talented)
  • Drain Soul (Talented)
  • Soul Harvest (CD/Usable)
  • Sow the Seeds (Talented)
  • Siphon Life (Target) – Shows Pandemic range
  • Phantom Singularity (CD/Usable/Duration)
  • Tormented Soul (Duration/# of Souls/Showing zero Souls)
  • Deadwind Harvester (Active)
  • Tormented Souls during Harvester
  • Summon Doomguard (CD/Active/Usable)
  • Grimoire of Sacrifice (Active/Missing)
  • Grimoire of Service – Felhunter (CD/Active)
  • Unending Resolve (CD/Active/Usable)
  • Soul Leech (Active, Absorb amount)
  • Mortal Coil (CD/Usable)
  • Howl of Terror (CD/Usable)
  • Dark Pact (CD/Usable, Absorb amount)
  • Soul Effigy (only if Soul Effigy is on focus)
  • Soul Effigy Out of Range indicator (only if Soul Effigy is on focus)
  • Soul Effigy NOT casted
  • Soul Conduit (Talented)
  • Burning Rush (Active/Not Active)
  • Demonic Circle (Missing, Out of Range indicator, Usable, CD)
  • Haunt (CD/Usable)
  • [Disabled]Enchant Neck – Mark of the Distant Army
  • Enchant Neck – Mark of the Hidden Satyr
  • Enchant Neck – Mark of the Claw
  • Heroism/Bloodlust (Active/CD)
  • Sin’dorei Spite (Legendary item, Active/CD)
  • Alythess’s Pyrogenics (Legendary item, Active)
  • Unstable Affliction (Target) – Shows Pandemic range
  • Corruption (Target) – Shows Pandemic range
  • Agony (Target) – Shows Pandemic range
  • Soul Effigy DoT tracking
    • Corruption – Shows Pandemic range
    • Agony – Shows Pandemic range
    • Siphon Life – Shows Pandemic range
  • Unstable Affliction (Target) – Shows Pandemic range & if Contagion is talented it displays a different bar colour to indicate the 15% damage buff
  • Compound Interest – (Displays Red for 1-3 stacks [not optimal use], Yellow for 4 stacks along with a bounce animation and a Humm sound effect [can use to avoid overcapping] and Green for 5 stacks also has a glow effect and a Wham! sound effect [perfect usage])

Bolded * = New/Changed

Any suggestions/criticisms are more than welcome so that this can be improved upon!


  • Bug reports

About Not

Warlock Raider in SNF on Sargeras-US
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25 Responses to Affliction Warlock Weak Auras – Legion Edition v1.0

  1. Are you also running Enemy Grid to the left of your screen? Just picked that add-on up and am trying to get it set up.

  2. Clarence Williamson says:

    How did you get enemy plates to work with soul effigy

  3. Wobnotz says:

    i cant get my enemy grid to work , possible you coude add a profile for it? thanks in advance! 🙂

  4. oldominion says:

    Thanks for the WeakAuras, I got a question since I am using the german client, do I need to rename everything to the german names to get them to work? If yes i think something is wrong there because the time bars just disappear after dotting the mobs. Let’s say Corruption, I changed everything to the german name, even in your 3 LUA code blocks and it still doesn’t work 😦

    • Not says:

      There’s one more spot in the Animation tab that needs to be changed as well.

      • oldominion says:

        Okay missed that one and changed it to the german name but it still doesn’t work, I don’t know why. When I change the client language to english (and change the WAs to the english names then) it works perfectly, really weird.

  5. Yasri says:

    hi i am an “casual raider” and since I start playing wow, i am an affliction warlock. so, even if any boss should be played and other specc, I am still an afli. But in our reaid niveau its still viable I think 🙂
    Anyway, I love your WA strings, it fits perfect in my ElvUI. So I want to use it in 7.1,too. There are some mechanics with UA. Do you still plan to update the strings for this change?

  6. Monkz says:

    Where did the Souldshard display go? Also Siphon life Icon will disappear when the debuff runs out and the trinket one does throw me errors 😦

    • Not says:

      Soul Shards are displayed via addon called DoomShards.
      Siphon Life there is a background aura in Set 2 that is set to Load Never (just uncheck the never part so it loads).
      Trinket one only errors if the trinket in question isn’t in the database (a lot aren’t), so you have to add them manually.

  7. Babyclaws says:

    Hey dude do you think you could make a UA icon weakaura the exact same way you did with TKC icon where it shows the # of demons up and total damage that its doing? Is there anyway you could do something with UA exactly like that?

    • Not says:

      UA isn’t affected by # of demons? Also since UA is now split into multiple debuffs it’s not important to show or even thin about how much total damage UA is doing.

      • Babyclaws says:

        Yeah i didn’t mean use the demons to track i just mean show how many are up and the total damage of each? Is that not possible with the new UA changes with them being split?

      • Not says:

        It would be possible but not really worth making (in my opinion). It wouldn’t be something I’d use or implement into my own set up so probably wouldn’t make it. Check out the WA2 Discord server and see if anyone would be willing to help you out!

      • Babyclaws says:

        Err total damage of them all combined

      • Babyclaws says:

        Oh i forgot about that discord thanks mate

  8. John S. says:

    Just wondering how you got the Tormented Souls to show stack numbers? I have been working on a button for that for a while now with no luck.

  9. danielfabian says:

    I slightly modified the background so it’s not just black, but changes colour according to how much mana you have left. Check it out:

  10. Saelnaydar says:

    Hello Nice UI and wery usefull,
    I cannot get the Sould Effigy to get displayed with dot traking inside.
    in French the Soulf Effigy is named “Effigie de l’âme”
    Do you use a special ui for traking the Effigy ?

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